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Test Series Discussion

Ethics Test Discussion
Ethics Test Discussion

Conducted On:

13th Nov 05:35 PM

All Materials (Total 3)

Mains Test Series Solutions and Model Answers

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Mains Test Series Question Papers

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Paper VI - Assam Mains Study Material

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Plans & Packages

Test Series - APSC MAINS 2021

₹ 8,000 /-

Tests have to be submitted in PDF format. Please send single PDF of the test.

Tests can be submitted 25 days before the scheduled commencement of exam

Total of 18 GS Tests, including Assam paper

This test is for APSC Mains 2020 (Prelims held in Sep 12th 2021). The validity of the test series will expire after APSC Mains. Validity will not be extended under any circumstance.

APSC Mains 2021 Batch

₹ 19,500 /-

For Test Series, please buy Test Series package separately

Enrollment closed on 30th Nov 2021


How to Submit Answers of the Test Series

  • Download the Question cum Answer booklet from Study Material section. 
  • Print that booklet and write your answers in that booklet. 
  • Make a scanned PDF of that answer script using Apps like adobe scanner, Kagaz scanner.
  • Ensure that size of scanned PDF does not exceed 20 MB
  • Mail that scanned PDF to

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